IN ORE GLORIA                                                                    

Enthralled by the Louvre’s collection of Spanish and Italian paintings and their magical allure, I critically examine the heteronormative assumptions found in traditional painted compositions. I specifically wish to express a struggle that is close to my heart, namely how such depictions fail to represent the lived reality of today’s LGBTQIA+ community, which often has to endure comical, distorted or even hurtful travesties.

In ore gloria is a photographic series reimagining heteronormative ideals depicted in the Louvres’ paintings and is heavily inspired by Caravaggio, who himself included “queer signs” in his works before they were part of any real discourse. I intend to break with heteronormative codes by documenting the Luxembourgish community, taking portraits of people in their favourite places or in their homes in order to tell their stories without risking the loss of intimacy and trust.