SONHOS DE MENINO                                                                     

The forest has always been a part of Luxembourg’s culture, since we aresurrounded by forests almost everywhere we go. It was especially my favorite place to spend afternoons and weekends as a kid. Unfortunately, i only kept memories, not other recollections and it’s getting harder to spend time in the forest as i get older. However, the clock is ticking: the forest is shrinking, climate change is threatening, part of nature is dying out, and so are my memories.

For this project, it was important for me to rebuild my relationship with the forest by having fun, by playing games and by reliving childhood memories. Reliving those memories is the only power i have left to keep the forest around me alive.

Sonhos de menino illustrates my bond with the forest, a journey lost between dreams and reality, both imaginary and memory, an eternal moment in a suspended universe.

2021 - 2022