This is a portrait of Sanfins, the village where I was born.

Due to an administrative error, the village of Sanfins is indicated as my birthplace on my official papers although I was born in the neighbouring town. I am the only one in the world to have this village as my birthplace and I take it as if the village belonged to me.

The only reason my family, including me, still visits Sanfins is because of my grandmother. Unfortunately, she suffers from leukemia and the worst is yet to come and I'm afraid if we don’t visit Sanfins anymore, it will be forever forgotten.

Since the village is not very populated and it is mainly made up of my family, I wanted to create a memory, a trace of it and I thought it would be my duty to keep the village alive by showing it to the people all around the world.

The name of the village reminds me of "sans fin" in French, which means "endless", which totally made sense for me when realising this project.

4 videos, 17 minutes each